Tolabaze, his full name, early life, career, relation.

In todays story, we are going to explore more on the the biography of Tolabaze, his full name, early life, career, relation and net worth.


Profile summery

Full name: Oguntosin Adetola Ezekiel

Date of birth: 28th of January

Occupation: Navy Officer, actor and comedian

Age: 26

Nationality: Nigeria

Ogun State.

Home town: Ilorin

Relationship status: single


Who is Tolabaze?

Oguntosin Adetola Ezekiel is popularly known with the stage name Tolabaze or Tola empire, he is content creator, actor and comedia.

He was born on the 25th of January, he hailed from ilaro, Ogun state.

tolabaze is well known for his comedic styles which he present the identity of Tolabaze or Tola empire i as he was fondly addressed in the skirt

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