Tinubu pledges to improve welfare, security of Nigerians

President Bola Tinubu has stated that his administration will focus on improving the welfare and security of Nigerians by implementing economic policies that priorities the needs of the people.
He also promised to establish a better national minimum wage that takes into account the current economic situation.

The president made this known at a meeting with the Progressive Governors Forum, led by its chairman, Gov. Hope Uzodinma of Imo, at the State House on Friday in Abuja.

Tinubu said that the federal and state governments would work together on the minimum wage review.

He added that the federal and state governments would collaborate on the review of the national minimum wage.

He said, “We need to do some arithmetic and soul-searching on the minimum wage.

“We will have to take a look at that together, and the revenue. We must strengthen the source and application of our revenue.’’
Tinubu encouraged the governors to use their positions to make a positive impact on the lives of the people, recognizing that they were chosen among millions of citizens in their respective states.

“This meeting is not strange to me, and the content of the meeting is so valuable. The camaraderie is very stimulating. This is about the Nigerian project, not Bola Tinubu,’’ he said.

He also mentioned that the various exchange rates would be consolidated, emphasizing that governance is a continuous process.

“I have inherited the assets and liabilities of my predecessor.

“As progressives and thinkers under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress, you have a role to play in educating our people and making sure we manage ourselves,’’ the President said.

He lauded the APC feat of having a majority in the National Assembly and some Houses of Assembly, saying, ‘’It will make it easier to develop policies that will directly impact the economy and the people.”

“If we work together, the Nigeria of our dreams is not far away. Rest assured that we will not have multiple exchange rates anymore. You asked for this meeting, and I had to set aside time to be here.
“We have a political party that we will need to manage, whichever way, we have inherited assets and liabilities, and we cannot complain,’’ he stated.

Tinubu expressed his willingness to maintain an open-door policy, which would enable him to attend to issues, deliberate, and collaboratively find solutions to the challenges faced by the country.

“It is in our hands, and I am ready to work and listen at any time,’’ he added.

Vice President Kasim Shettima urged the governors to support the president as he addresses economic challenges, such as the oil subsidy and various exchange rates.

“Let us rally around the President and not bulge. There are vested interests that may want to resist the subsidy removal. Its removal will free resources for the development of your states,” he added.

Earlier, Uzodinma pledged the support of the PGF to the President, recognizing that the initial decisions already portend good intentions for the economy.

“We are here today as members of the APC to fraternize with you as our leader, and congratulate you on your election as President, and Commander-in-Chief.
“We are using this opportunity to express our support for you at this trying time in our history,’’ he said.

He also acknowledged that the President has started well by prioritising the economy and the welfare of the people, with a genuine purpose. He also expressed confidence in the President’s ability and excellent track record.


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