England: Teenager In Court Over Murder Of Her Newborn Baby

The trial has begun for a teenager, Paris Mayo, who allegedly killed her newborn baby boy four years ago.
According to NYbreaking on Thursday, Mayo gave birth to baby Stanley in March 2019 at 15.
During the trial at the Worchester Crown Court in England, the jury was told that the teenager placed the baby’s body in a rubbish bag and instructed her older brother to dispose of it.
However, Mayo, who is now 19 years old, claimed that she didn’t murder the baby.
Prosecutor Jonas Hankin KC said, “The birth took place in the living room of the family home where Miss Mayo lived with her parents and brother George.
“She was alone and delivered the baby unassisted while her ailing father was upstairs receiving dialysis under the supervision of her mother.
“After delivery, the defendant attacked the baby on the top left and right sides of its head, causing severe brain damage.
“About two hours later, when she realized the baby was still alive, she put pieces of cotton wool in his mouth and neck.
“She put the baby’s body in a garbage bag and put it on the curb before she went to bed.”
Hankin said an autopsy found the baby suffocated after a piece of cotton wool blocked his esophagus.
Mayo, however, claimed the baby wasn’t moving or breathing after she gave birth, and she used cotton wool to clean up “stuff” that came out of his mouth.
The trial is expected to take six weeks.

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